Collen Pillar Hotels

Collen Pillar Hotels

Purpose & value

Accommodation for your peace of mind

Our Purpose & Values is a set of ideals which ensures that all Collen Pillar Hotels staff work towards one common goal. A common goal which puts our  guests at the heart of everything we do. These values are deeply cultured in every single member of staff. We seek to give our guests a complete experience and a perfect stay.

“To Provide Our Guests with Lifetime Memorable Experience and Being a Perfect Holiday Destination”

Windsor Hotels

Our Guests

To be welcoming, genuine and warm

To provide value and personalised service

To create an friendly environment to relax and enjoy

Our Staff

To have a culture of mutual respect, trust and integrity

To recognise, reward and uplift

To have passionate and expert staff

Our Company

To promote conservation and protect the environment

To be financially sustainable

To uplift local communities

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